Yu Darvish Debuts and Impresses Against Dodgers

You think there might have been a specific reason Yu Darvish missed his first scheduled start due to an illness? There may or may not have been, but what we do know is that Darvish debuted against the team he pitched for last season post-trade deadline and in the World Series. He’s now with what you would call almost an “NL Rival” Cubs which has become a popular matchup over the past few years. Darvish understood this and impressed during his debut on Tuesday.

Darvish went for two innings, yielding no hits and striking out four batters making it look easy every time, and also earned the win. Those are very solid numbers for just his first game in Spring, and his strikeout rate is especially good. Darvish’s K/9 would equate out to 18.0, which would be the greatest in baseball history. It is not going to be that good for Darvish this season, but it’s going to be on a level that is still very dominant. Darvish is a strikeout pitcher that has posted some incredible numbers throughout his career.

The game was not televised by anyone on Tuesday, but the Cubs Twitter came to the rescue with the highlights of all four strikeouts from Darvish.

On a day where nothing could go wrong for Yu Darvish in his Cubby Blue debut, he was able to fly the “Double Yu”, as the Cubs won 9-5 that came from scoring bunches.

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